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    3. Travel Nursing Nevada Jobs Travel Therapy Nevada Jobs

      Are you ready to discover fun destinations? Then find your next travel nursing Nevada job travel therapy Nevada job with Host Healthcare. First of all, Nevada offers many great things. You will never be bored while in Nevada. That is because there is so much excitement. From the shows to the sites, odds are you will probably have fun when you take a travel nursing Nevada job travel therapy Nevada job.

      Cities Already Traveled

      Just a few cities we’ve placed travelers:

      Las Vegas
      North Las Vegas
      Boulder City

      More Than Just "The Strip"

      Your next travel nursing travel therapy Nevada job is waiting. If you’re a travel nurse or therapist, there’s more to Nevada than Sin City. Pack your sunscreen and sunglasses because you’ll need them in Nevada. Maybe you’ll love the dry and hot landscape and small desert town vibes. Also, within the city limits of Las Vegas, there’s plenty you might not know existed. First of all, have you visited the revamped downtown Vegas? Also, did you know there is a Chinatown in Vegas? Seems like there is more to offer then just the strip.

      Discover Downtown

      Container Park

      An outdoor boutique shopping mall and shops built from shipping containers located in the heart of Las Vegas.

      Atomic Lounge

      Visit the oldest freestanding bar in Vegas named for the atomic blasts patrons used to watch from its roof.

      The Mob Museum

      Learn true stories about the shady past of Las Vegas and the criminals who built a city in the desert.

      The Neon Museum

      Schedule a guided tour of old, retired neon signs and weave through Vegas’ history yourself.

      Las Vegas Chinatown's Perfect Meal

      Grean tea
      Wonton soup
      Juicy pork buns
      Peking duck

      Most Noteworthy Hikes in Nevada

      Goldstrike Hot Springs
      Boulder City

      Diamond Peak from Tahoe Meadows
      Incline Village-Crystal Bay

      Las Vegas Overlook
      Stunning views. Las Vegas