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    3. Host Healthcare Benefits

      We are proud to offer some of the best benefits in the industry for travel nurses, travel therapists, and travel allied professionals. Host Healthcare benefits include day 1 medical, dental, vision benefits, some of the highest pay in the industry, weekly pay, a matching 401K, and deluxe housing. For travel therapy new grads, we offer tuition reimbursement and a mentorship program for you to take advantage of.

      Earn Top Compensation – Highest Pay In The Industry

      We believe in compensating our travel healthcare professionals generously with excellent pay. You can earn up to six figures as a traveling healthcare professional depending on your specialty, experience, and assignment destination.

      Host Healthcare offers travel nurses and travel therapists additional ways to earn money such as sign on/completion bonuses & earn up to $1,000 when you refer a traveler when you take advantage of our referral program.

      Travel Nursing

      The median compensation for a permanent nurse is $66,640 per year.

      Many travel nurses with acute-care experience earn over $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included.

      Currently the demand for travel nurses is highest in California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Arizona, Colorado, and Hawaii.

      Travel Therapy

      The median compensation for permanent therapists is $78,810 per year.

      Many travel therapists with experience earn $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included.

      Currently the demand for travel therapists is highest in California, Texas, New York, Florida, New England, New Mexico, Colorado, and Washington.

      Day 1 Medical, Dental, Vision, and Voluntary Benefits

      When you travel with us you can start enjoying your assignment right away with the peace of mind that you’re fully covered! We offer day-one medical, dental, vision, and voluntary benefits for all of our travelers. Voluntary benefits include critical illness, accident, short term disability, and whole life.

      Additionally, travel nurses, travel therapists, or travel allied professionals who travel with Host Healthcare may take up to 30 days off between assignments and still maintain health benefits. We are proud to be one of the few healthcare staffing agencies to offer this benefit to our travelers.

      Benefits Hub

      At Host Healthcare, we are pleased to partner with Benefits Hub and offer discounts to several services and events. What are some of your favorite entertainment activities? How about your favorite restaurants? From automotive services, to shopping, and everything in between, at Host Healthcare we are excited to offer amazing perks to our travel nurses, travel therapists, and travel allied professionals. This is just one of the perks for travel healthcare jobs with Host Healthcare.

      Deluxe Free Private Housing

      We Spend the Time to Help You Find Your Next Home Sweet Home

      Exciting New Spots

      Do you prefer AirBnb or apartment listings? Do you dream of living oceanside, in the middle of the city or in a new pad? Whatever your preference, we will help make that happen.

      Leave It To Us

      When you travel with Host, you can leave as much of your housing up to us. We can turn on your utilities, arrange for your furniture to be delivered or even furnish your new place.

      No Need to Travel Solo

      You can always bring your spouse, partner, children, and pets. That’s one of the greatest Host Healthcare benefits. We are more than happy to accommodate your entire family.

      Housing Stipend

      If you would prefer to arrange your own accommodations, we offer a generous housing stipend in lieu of our free housing program.

      Meet People

      While on assignment, you’ll meet plenty of new people. Some you will impact on the job while others will become lifelong friends.

      Family Friendly

      You don’t have to travel solo with Host. When you work with Host, you can bring your pet, husband, wife and/or children at no expense.


      At Host Healthcare, your career is important to us. When you take a travel nurse, travel therapy, or travel allied assignment with Host Healthcare we will reimburse you for several expenses.

      License Reimbursement

      One of the benefits of a travel nurse, travel therapy, travel allied career is the flexibility to explore new places. Sometimes that means needing a new state license which can be stressful and cost money. At Host Healthcare, we take care of this for you. We offer license reimbursement and guide you through the process.

      Tuition Reimbursement

      Host Healthcare offers up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement for recent PT, OT, and SLP graduates! If you graduated from an accredited program within the past year, you earn a $5,000?tuition reimbursement for competing 78 weeks.

      Scrub Reimbursement

      Need new scrubs? We got you covered. At Host Healthcare, we are proud to be one of the few companies that offers scrub reimbursement.

      Travel Reimbursement

      We want to make sure you are covered getting to your assignment. That is why we offer travel reimbursements. Whether that is money to cover your millage, hotel stays, or U-Haul rentals, we have you covered.

      Start Traveling With Host Healthcare

      If you have made it this far down the page it means you must be interested in taking a travel nurse assignment with Host Healthcare or a travel therapy assignment with Host Healthcare. Click one of the links below to see available jobs.